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of your cargo reaches far late than is expected?


of your net revenue is lost due to discrepant rates?


of your transport cost could be reduced with proper tracking?


of your annual budget could be saved by optimizing logistics solutions?


We specialize in international Cargo tracking & delivery related solutions. We provide world class Subject Matter Expertise for Cargo Booking, EDI Tracking, Rate Auditing, Carrier Billing, Roll Over Tracking, Contract Management and much more to create and maintain supply chain solutions across the Globe.

Freight Booking

Forget booking hazards – your cargo is now with us

Booking a freight for your cargo is hazardous – but that could be no cause to lose your control over it – here we are to provide you some solutions that make things easy for you. Save man hours, save complex follow ups, save your precious time. Our enhanced research brings a software solution that takes care of every booking procedure in one simple go.

Cargo (EDI) Tracking

Track your Cargo at any point of time

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables you to track your cargo at any point of time, real time. Across the world. Get rid of port code manual entry errors, get your FEU properly calculated, remove duplicate shipment entries and stop worrying about unknown / unremembered trade names.

Shipment Milestone Tracking

Stop worrying about being struck in between

Once dispatched, a shipment could be a constant cause of worry till it reaches the destination. Here we are to give you back the control. For every milestone from vessel departure to arrival, holds and challenges, discharge and trucking, unloading and delivery – our trackers are dedicated to keep you on the top of it – round the clock. Your cargo is now never out of your control.

Vessel IMO Tracking

Find your vessel whereabouts

It’s not just about your cargo – to gain complete control, you must know about your vessels, onshore or offshore. You are on to it.

Rate Audits

Your money is precious, we can save some

With scrutiny of every single consignment, false / erroneous rates could no more cause you unnecessary costs or an unexpected recovery demand. We make sure that you pay according to your contract – no more, no less.

Contract Management

So many carriers? So many rates? Stop worrying

You may deal with multiple carriers and all have separate rates, separate T&C and all. We have a dedicated team to manage all the contracts for you and give you precisely what you want – select your carrier and find anything you need. No more confusion, no more worries

Carrier Communication

Stay connected, stay up to date, stay on top of your deals, always

Whenever you have a query with your carrier, we have a robust system to communicate immediately with ease and comfort. No need to compose mails every time, single out queries, remember to send and all related issues. You are on the top of it – always.

Carrier Billing

No more excess payments, no more Previous dues

Invoices from your carrier could now be scrutinized, compared and processed in a matter of moments – at your comfort. No extra billing, no under billing – you pay for only what you have booked – and make it swift and efficient. Once again, you are on the top of it – always.

About Us

We, SCM Data Insights, are an organisation based in India but having a mind set that matches the international business standards. We have more than 42+ years of combined experience on supply chain management, digital automation customization, quality control management, data analysis & data mining and many more. Our Subject Matter Experts and International Management experts collaborated to create a network of hassle-free shipment and cargo transportation environment that our clients not only feels comfortable to use but also provides them the assurance to save a sizeable amount of revenue in day to day operational cost.
We strongly believe – Excellence is a journey which is our motto too.

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Our team is small but don’t go by the size. We are just dynamic enough to give you the solution you are looking for.  We are a bunch of serious looking but fun loving workaholic. We are foodie too.

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